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Board Wax

Board Wax

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Protect and sanitize your wooden items for food serving or preparation with our 100% natural Board Wax

Board Wax is made by hand in our pet/ smoke free home from bees wax sourced from the Adelaide hills and blended with a select food grade oil that are booth 100% natural and safe for contact food products.

We have spent many hours refining Board Wax to produce a product that will enhance the natural grain of the timber as well as seal and protect your food preparation investment.

Did you know that Board Wax can be used to protect any wooden item and enhance its natural features?

We use Board Wax on many of our items to provide a natural luster and protect them from the elements of daily life.

How to apply Board Wax

  1. Simply take a clean lint free soft rag/ cloth or some paper towel, dab a small amount of Board Wax onto it and rub in a circular motion until the timber is coated in a uniform thin layer of Board Wax. be sure to rub the Board Wax into any end grain more than once as it will absorb more product due to the natural open ended timber fibers.

  2. Allow the timber to absorb the Board Wax for approx 1 hr

  3. Take a clean lint free soft rag/ cloth or some paper towel and buff off any residual wax or oil that may remain

Pro Tip - the more effort you put into buffing the better the finish will be.



Materials required:

  • Latex or Rubber gloves - Optional
  • Clean lint free soft rags/ cloth or some paper towel
  • Clean work space such as dining table or kitchen bench - Use an old towel to protect from damage while moving the board around or avoid getting any Board Wax on untested surfaces as bees wax can be stubborn to remove from cloth materials.

**Any other safety PPE or precautions you require**

How do I restore my serving board or chopping board?

We regularly get asked questions like "Can I restore my chopping board?" or How do I restore my cutting board after the surface has become rough?"

The answer is YES, all it takes is a little bit of effort with a brief hand sanding of the surface, wipe down to remove dust and follow the instructions above to apply our Board Wax and revitalise your cutting board or Chopping board, the same applies for any wooden food serving item.


How to restore your cutting boards surface:

Take some 180 & 240 grit sandpaper and starting with 180 grit sand in the direction of the grain to smooth out any roughness that may be present, remember to focus on the end grain as this will take a little more work to smooth out the open fibers of the timber. Pro tip - you can use an orbital sander or a soft velcro backed hand sanding pad to make to task easier.

Wipe the board down to remove sanding dust and start sanding with 240 grit sandpaper in the direction of the grain repeat the process above.
Pro Tip - using 320 or 400 grit sanding stages will add a silky smooth dimension to your board, but do this with caution as you may not want to cut on it again lol.

Wipe down the board with a clean lint free rag/ cloth or some paper towel and prepare for the above process to apply the Board Wax.


Materials required:

  • 180 & 240 grit sandpaper (optional 320 or 400 grit)
  • Random orbital sander or soft hand sanding pad
  • Clean lint free soft rags/ cloth or some paper towel
  • Dust mask
  • Safety goggles if using power tools

**Any other safety PPE or precautions you require**

We offer a restoration service for all cutting boards, chopping boards, serving boards or any wooden food serving item, please contact us if you would like us to professionally restore your wooden investment.


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