Our story

 Futura Designs ~ A fusion of natural materials, composites & modern technologies.

Futura Designs was created from our passion for exploring how we could fuse natural resources with modern technologies.

Recycled timber and salvaged logs combined with epoxy resin casting quickly became a popular attraction in social circles as we experimented with different materials and styles.

Now with our Laser cutter & CNC Router we have added robotics to the mix, creating the fusion of natural materials, composites and technology. 

The evolution of function by design



CNC Router

CNC Router cutting & engraving

Laser engraving machine vector design logo template

Laser cutting & engraving

Epoxy resin molecular structure
Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin casting
Pigment, Die & Resin sales

Custom Decor

Custom made decor
Shop fittings & decorations

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Our Team

A True Family Business
shaun 1
Shaun Ingham

Business Manager

Penny Ingham

Admin Manager

Contact us

43 Rudall Ave
Whyalla Playford SA 5600

Phone: 0412445360
Email: Info@futuradesigns.com.au
Facebook: @Futuradesigns.au
Instagram: @Futuradesigns.au


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